It’s been a while…

When I began this blog in August, my aims were simple and unassuming: To rapidly grow my audience whilst taking my readers on my enthralling journey of reinvention, to garner the attentions of the worldwide swimming community, and ultimately secure a book deal that would form the basis of a Hollywood movie, making me millions.


For a week, this ambitious plan was attacked with gusto, as I published three missives about my daily adventures at Erdington baths.

That bull in a china shop strategy wouldn’t last, however. Months of radio silence followed, broken only today by this short update.

So why did I neglect my big project? Various reasons. Renovation of our house kept me busy for a while. Believe it or not, a packed social calendar often prevented me from writing. And… who am I kidding? Pure laziness had a part to play, too.

However – and here’s the astonishing bit – while my natural lethargy prevented me from writing about swimming, it didn’t get in the way of my daily(ish) trudge to the pool. I think it’s the longest I’ve stuck at a fitness regime in my adult life, which is probably worthy of celebration.

So why now?

You may recall, way back in my first entry on this blog, I stated that my swimming goal was to reach a point where I felt satisfied enough with my progress to take a dip in my own personal aquatics mecca, the Olympic pool in London.

I’m pleased to report that I’ll be doing just that on February 20th.

What this means, essentially, is I now have 28 days in which to tell a story I intended to relay over the course of six months.

So I’d better get cracking if I want rake it in from the movie rights, hadn’t I?

Watch this space…

You know you should. You really should.


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